“Box”, 30x30”, 2023


Painting is divided horizontally by ragged green stripe. Top of painting is blue tones, bottom of painting is tones of red. A smaller rectangle is in the middle of the painting


Criss Cross

Quasi-landscape. Small green house floats above horizon, dark sky with large cloud.

Home on the Range

Horizon line splits the image in half. top in warm colors, bottom half in cool colors.

Green Flash

A rorschach image in grays split by a vertial panle of a yellow brush stroke on a dark background.

Missing Link


Y Grande


Somethings in my Collection

Up Up

Abstract, color, painting, paper, art, horizon

On the Horizon

color; non-objective; abstract; blue, painting, art, line

Testing the Water

abstract, painting, art history, color

Rothko’s Lawn