album cover, parody, Elvis, Elvis Presley, Music, Painting

My first Album

Rubbing, light switch, rice paper,common object, home

Three Rubbings

birds, sketch, draw, city


Reminisce: Comfort Food

Sketch, Pen & ink, paper, 2016, Landscape

Sketch, Port Costa

Pen, Ink, Street scene, sketch, markers

Woman on Dark Street

Pen, ink, paper, sketch, wit


Pen, ink, paper, markers, sketch

Cafe Puccini, sunup

Pen & Ink, watercolor,street scene

St Francis of Assisi Church


Acrylic on Board (white), 2000, 16 x 30”, L00A17-7, Collection Felix and Ingrid Contreras

Mission San Antonio

Acrylic on Board (Black), 1998, 27.5 x 32”, L98A17-6 Collection Dan Warrick and Karen Berg

Rincon de Corner, Oakland Construction

Kirby Cove, Marin

Acrylic on Canvas, 65.5 x 32.25”, L99A17-5, 1999, Collection Dan Warrick and Karen Berg

Cataluña, Spain

Pastel on Paper(Gray Canson), 1992, 16.5 x 18.375” M92P8, Retouched 1981-87 Scan Cafe20150904_0071

Marav Reclining


Morning Traffic


I can’t play this

sketch, 2015, 9 x 9"

Yellow Pants

Kirby Cove, Pastel on Paper (Fabriano), 1999, 17.5 x 19.125”, L99P3-67

Kirby Cove

Mother’s Day, Costa Rica



Dusk, Tiliran Costa Rica

Construction Site (Moscone Center)